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I put this page together so that I had links to many of the web pages that I visit frequently collected together in one, easy to use place, that I could access from any browser I happen to be at anywhere in the World. I guess this is my way of taking my most used bookmarks with me on the road even when I don't have my own computer with me. I like to read news coverage from different countries so quite a lot of these links are to different news sources. You'll find a collection of other links further down the page. Note that I created this table before the idea of social bookmarking really caught on. I guess if I was starting over I might just use a site like to do this, and I do indeed use but I still find it useful having my favourite links here in this table. Please e-mail me if you find any broken or dead links on this page. Thanks!

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World news links

UK USA Japan Australia
BBC CNN The Asahi Shimbun The Australian
ITN ABC News Japan Today The Sydney Morning Herald
Sky News FOX News Japan Times The Age
London Times CBS News Kyodo News
The Independent MSNBC Mainichi Daily News The Canberra Times
The Telegraph NPR Nikkei net Australia AP (AAP)
The Guardian Unlimited New York Times Hong Kong Australia Daily
The Financial Times The Wall Street Journal Hong Kong Daily Nine MSN
The Daily Mail The Washington Post Asia Times France
The Daily Express USA Today The Standard Le Figaro
The Observer Reuters Hong Kong News Le Monde
The Economist International Herlald Tribune Yahoo! News HK L'Express
Channel 4 News Google News USA Canada La-Croix
Yahoo! News UK Yahoo! News USA CBC News Paris Match
UK Regional USA Regional National news ( India
The Evening Argus (Brighton) Austin American Statesman Globe and Mail The Hindu
The Mid Sussex Times Boston Globe Google News Canada Pakistan
Daily Echo (Southampton) Chicago Tribune Yahoo! News Canada Pakistani news portal
This is Hampshire Dallas Morning News The Toronto Star The Post
Scotsman Denver Post
Daily Times

Los Angeles Times

San Jose Mercury News

IT News links

Misc links

Europe USA Programming Interest
The Register CNET News Dev Guru National Geographic
Computer Weekly CNET Web Monkey Discovery Channel
Tech World eWeek NS Java script Guide Discover
PC Pro Magazine The Channel Insider
Popular Mechanics
Linux Magazine ZD Net

Travel links

PC World Time calculators Flight trackers

Info World Greenwich Mean Time FlightView

PC Magazine Official US time FlyteComm

Network World Fusion World Time Flight Explorer

Tech Worthy Currency Converters FlightAware

Laptop Magazine Flight Stats

Slash dot OANDA Galileo Flight Tracker


SFO area live map

AirNav Live

Airline Route Mapper

Airports Aviation

Austin (ABIA) Royal Aeronautical Society


Dallas (DFW)

Los Angeles (LAX)

UK Airports (BAA)

Airport Codes

Area Codes (phone)




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