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My goal for this part of the site is to include interesting photos that don't really fit well into the Travel Journal and aren't specific to family activities. I hope to make some time to work on this section soon. I am not a professional photographer but I tend to drag my trusty Canon EOS 20-D digital camera along with me wherever I go (my 10-D that was damaged when it fell off a roller coaster at Disneyland is also repaired now but these days I mostly just use the 20). The great thing about the camera is that it takes really nice 8.3MegaPixel shots. However, each of these tend to be a little over 3MB in size when saved as a highest quality JPG file.

Before I post photos here I usually reduce them in both size and quality (I also tend to crop them) so that they will download quickly as people browse the site regardless of their connection speed. It also used to be the case that I has space limitations imposed on me by my hosting company but now (as of December 6th 2006) that I have moved the web site to a new home that is no longer an issue.

Given that I do now have more space to work with, look for some additional photos here soon. By the way, in case you were wondering, the photo above is of my daughter's pet toad "Blaze". He's a Vietnamese fire bellied toad. How he ended up living with us is a long story!

Photo albums on flickr

As well as the photographs that I post here, a long time ago I had  created a photo album on Yahoo! That album has now been migrated (due to Yahoo! closing down their "Photos" site) over to flickr.

Among the photographs you will find in my flickr collection are the ones that I took at the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona. The photos in the album get quite substantially shrunk when they are viewed but you can still get an idea of what the museum has on offer. If you are at all interested in aircraft (mostly military in this case) then I highly recommend a visit to the museum. If you want to read more about the Pima Air and Space Museum you can visit their web page.

The entrance to the Pima Air and Space Museum

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Some of my favourite landscapes

Among the things I enjoy photographing are interesting landscapes. Below are thumbnails of a few that I particularly like or that have special significance to me. Click on any of the images to go to a page with larger versions of the photos on it. Unfortunately I am not able to post the full high resolution version of the images as each one is over 3mb in size.

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger version

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A day at the Johnson Space Center - Houston (March 23rd 206)

After many years of wanting to make the trip I finally was able to make the time to visit the Johnson Space Center in Houston. We took one of the tours that included a visit to one of the two former Mission Control rooms that were used during the Apollo program.

One of the consoles in the former Apollo 13 Mission Control room

It is fascinating to think that the total computing power in the room was about the same as that found in a modern day cell phone (at least that is what the tour guide told us). Note also the plastic tubes on the left side of the console. There was no e-mail in those days so if you wanted to send a message to someone else anywhere in the building you sent a note on paper in a tube to them through a system of pipes like those used today in many banks and other businesses! We have come a long way since then but I bet the didn't have the spam problem then that we have now! If you are at all interested in the space program's of both the US and Russia, this tour is a must. There is another tour that takes you into the current mission control room but we did not have the time to do that tour as well. We also got to go inside many of the other buildings, including the one that contains the training areas for the Space Shuttle and for Space Station Freedom. You will find some more of the pictures that I took in my Yahoo! photo album.

Astros come to town, April 1st 2005

The Round Rock Express are the AAA affiliate of the Houston Astros. On Friday, as Spring Training neared its end the Astros visited Round Rock to play an exhibition game against the Express in front of a sell out crowd. This is the first year of AAA baseball at Round Rock. The past few years the Express were the AA affiliate of the Astros.

Craig Biggio swings away at a Wandy Rodriguez pitch during the early innings
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Hailstones, March 31st 2005

This pile of hail formed all by itself (as it fell off the roof) during a brief but fairly severe thunderstorm that passed over here last week. The hail lasted something like five minutes but it looked almost as if it had snowed afterwards! Thankfully none of the cars which were in the driveway at the time were damaged.

A pile of marble sized hail
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A quiet day at home, November 29th, 2004

Toby tries not to overdo it while I work from home
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